As we welcome you to our salon with a warm smile and introduce you to your stylist, we will guide you to your chair. As you sink into comfort, the hairstylist listens to your preferences attentively with professional consultation. After your consultation you will be treated to a luxurious shampoo, massaging your scalp gently to release any tension. Then, back to the chair to create a fresh and trendy look tailored just for you. Throughout the process, you feel pampered and relaxed, knowing you're in good hands. We will be educating you on the products we choose based on the consultations and your needs. Our goal is for you leave the salon feeling rejuvenated and stylish, ready to conquer the world with your new haircut!
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Our hair coloring services start with a consultation with a skin analysis to determine the perfect shade and placement for your face shape and style. All color services include a relaxing shampoo & conditioning with a scalp massage. We finish with your statement style.
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Blonding services in our sun filled salon involves lightening the hair to achieve various shades of blonde, ranging from soft and natural to bold and vibrant. The process typically begins with a consultation where the stylist discusses your desired shade and assesses your hair's current condition.

Next, the stylist applies a lightening product to the hair, carefully selecting the appropriate formula based on your hair type and desired result. This could involve traditional foiling techniques, balayage, or other specialized methods to create dimension and depth. While the lightening product works its magic, you might relax with a magazine, phone or work while you enjoy a beverage in the salon's comfortable atmosphere. Once the desired level of lightness is achieved, the lightener is rinsed out, conditioned and a gloss may be applied to neutralize any unwanted undertones and enhance the desired blonde hue.

After the gloss has been processed, your hair is washed and conditioned with nourishing products to maintain its health and shine. Finally, the stylist expertly blow-dries and styles your newly blonde locks, ensuring you leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous. Throughout the blonding process, the stylist prioritizes the health and integrity of your hair, using high-quality products and techniques to achieve beautiful results while minimizing damage. With the right care and maintenance, your blonde hair will continue to shine and turn heads long after leaving the salon.

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Person with long, wavy ombre hair, viewed from behind.

Skin Treatment Menu

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Facial Upgrades

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Advanced Treatments

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Our customizable hair & scalp treatments are designed to promote and maintain a healthy balance for more luxurious hair.
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Whether you are looking for a subtle change or a transformation, we are here to provide you with the utmost care to your dream hair. Extensions can be used to add length, body & volume to your hair. We start with a consultation to determine length, color, and volume. Then with your deposit, we will order your perfect match and set your install appointment for your dream hair.
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