Decoding Our Color Services

Decoding Our Color Services

The expert colorists at Jules & Zoa Statement Salon offer a range of professional hair color services to help you achieve your desired look. But what’s the difference between a new growth color, all-over color, and other options? Here’s a breakdown:

New Growth Color: This targets only the new hair growth at the roots. It’s ideal for maintaining your existing hue between full color appointments. We’ll blend the new growth to seamlessly match the rest of your color.

All Over Color: This covers your whole head with new color - roots, mid-lengths and ends. It allows complete transformation of your shade or undertone. All over color ensures a vibrant, uniform result from root to tip.

Corrective Color: This special service corrects unwanted color results, like removing brassiness from highlights or fixing a color that turned out too light or too dark. Our color experts can customize the perfect corrective formula.

Root Melt/Tap: This places color just at the regrowth area without painting the entire head. A great maintenance option between full color services.

Fashion Color: This adds fun, vibrant fashion shades - like mermaid, pastel or neon hues. Fashion colors allow you to express your creativity!

Gloss: This deposits sheer color over your entire head to boost shine and refresh your tone. Glosses are great color boosters between full appointments.

Our team helps you select the right service for your hair goals. Contact Jules & Zoa Statement Salon to book your customized color service today!