Be Color Ready

Be Color Ready


Dirty Hair Does Not Take Color Better: Clean Hair is Better

When it comes to your hair investment, we want only the best for you. That's why we recommend using a clarifying shampoo 24 hours prior to your color appointment. Alternatively, you can schedule our add-on service, the 'Purify Treatment,' and we'll take care of it for just $15.

We Recommend You Surface Purify Every 5th Shampoo

This helps keep minerals and product buildup at bay, ensuring your hair looks its best every day.


Product Interaction: Residue from hair products, such as styling gels, hairsprays, and leave-in conditioners, can interfere with the chemical processes of hair color. Clean hair minimizes the risk of undesirable reactions between these products and the coloring chemicals, helping to achieve the desired color result.

Color Accuracy: Clean hair provides a blank canvas for the colorist to work with. This is especially important when creating custom or precise color shades. If the hair is weighed down by oils or product buildup, the final color may not match the intended result.

Longer Lasting Color: Clean hair allows the color to penetrate more effectively and bond to the hair shaft, promoting longer-lasting color results. This is particularly important for clients who invest time and money in their hair color and want it to remain vibrant for an extended period.

Even Processing Time: When hair is clean, the color processing time is more predictable. Oils and residues can alter the speed at which the color processes, leading to uneven results. Clean hair ensures that the color develops as expected, minimizing the risk of overprocessing or underprocessing.

Client Comfort: Clean hair is generally more comfortable for clients during the coloring process. Oils and residues on the scalp can contribute to discomfort or itching, and starting with clean hair enhances the overall salon experience for the client.