Jules & Zoa is a dream come true. Loving what I do and having a family that supports you in everyday life so your dreams can be a reality is a blessing. I wanted to find the perfect balance in life through work and family. An environment where I can go away from home and feel as comfortable & peaceful where my creativity can grow. For my clients to enjoy some quality time for themselves or to get some work done while being pampered. A team of other creative souls to work alongside with knowing we are all on the same path. We all want the same thing, a perfect balance in life. So creating this space was more than a salon to get your hair done but its where we all come together to be one with balance. I love this space and can't wait for you to visit us for your hair, skin, waxing or shopping.

The name Jules & Zoa is a tribute to my parents for blessing me with my life and ZOA is an acronym for my three beautiful daughters (Zuzu, Olivia, Clarie Antoinette) who continue to challenge & bless me every day. I am forever grateful for their love and support.

12710 S Pflumm Road, Suite 110  |  Olathe, KS 66062  |  julesandzoa@gmail.com